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Roamed- For Traveler By Traveler

Eliminate roaming, simply roamed. Pick up calls overseas without having romaing fee charged.

Simply forward your local calls to your overseas line.

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How it works?

4 steps to roamed.


app and in-app purchase days package for your trip.


your local phone to a number given by us, before departing.


and switch to an overseas prepaid number.


your overseas prepaid number and enjoy Roamed.


Purchase only days needed to forward your incoming calls. For as low as USD$0.99 per day.

7 Days


14 Days


Please note that prices are quote according to USD, it may different when converting to your local currency.

Each day come with minutes depending on the destination country.


Getting SIM

Choose on the country to see how you can get an overseas SIM card.


Single tier SIM Card Holder

USD$ 7.90

Able to store:

  • - 2 SIM card

  • - 1 Micro SIM card

  • - 2 Nano SIM card

  • - SIM Eject Pin(included)



Double tier SIM Card Holder

USD$ 10.90

  • - 4 SIM card

  • - 4 Micro SIM card

  • - 12 Nano SIM card

  • - SIM Eject Pin(included)



Roamed Luggage Sticker


Paste it on your luggage or your laptop.

How to get one?

  • - Download our app

  • - Register in the app

  • - Click below button and input address

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